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What is Available
With your own userid, here's what will be available to you, as our client, on our website:

  • Record Retention Guidelines . . . Find out how long you need to keep your records.

  • Secure File Transfer. . . . You'll be able to tranfer your computer files to our office, and receive files, including ad-hoc financial statements and copies of tax return, when needed.

  • End of Month Software procedures . . . We will make sure you know exactly how to transfer files to our office, including when to perform backups or other monthend administration.

  • Tax Questionaires . . . In addition to the paper questionaires we send out each year, you'll be able to download the same questionaires and enter them via Microsoft Word, or if you prefer we can set you up, upon request, to allow you to enter your tax information directly over the web.

  • Software . . . For clients using our proprietary software, we provide software downloads and updates. Software training is also available.

  • Access to your financial data . . . Using Terminal Services, upon request, you can have access online to your financial information after we've processed it each month.

  • Documents . . . You'll have access to certain documents that we make available to all our clients, such as a sample expense report.

  • Resource Library . . . Our Monthly 'Communique', recent tax tips, weekly tax tips, business and financial tips of the month, IRS Forms and publications helpful articles and tax saving strategies for business owners, self employed, individuals, investors, families, and the affluent.

    Other resource topics include Your Business, Your Car, Insurance Planning, Estate Planning, Work-Related Expenses, IRAs, Pension Plans and Retirement, Relocation, Occupational Deductions, Deductible Medical Care, Investments and Taxes, Work Related Expenses, Eldercare, Tax Breaks for Education & Student Aid Information, Divorce & Separation Issues, Death of a Taxpayer, Credit & Debt Management, Charitable Contributions, and Casualty Losses & Your Environment.

  • Calculator Library . . . You'll have access to online calculators that include calculating payroll checks, Sales Volume Breakeven Analysis, Home Refinance or Breakeven calculator, Amortizing Loan Calculator, determine if your retirement plan is on track, estimate your Social Security benefits, determine if a Roth IRA or Traditional IRA is right for you, automobile lease or buy calculator, finetune your college savings plan, or see how much you need in life insurance.

    Call TODAY for your own user id and password!

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    300 North Main, St. Charles, MO 63301
    (636) 970-2359
    Mailing Address:
    28 Parkwood Dr., St. Peters, MO 63376